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At Mind States, we believe your brain plays a remarkably important role in your mental health.

Your brain is responsible for everything you do. It allows you to walk, talk, think, feel, remember, focus, and even scroll through this website. This is why our treatment programs are designed around the brain. When the brain is regulated, symptoms decrease, and balance is restored.

We've helped hundreds of people find meaningful, lasting relief from their symptoms and limitations.
Our experience has given us valuable insight about what works in treatment. We’ve condensed the most useful concepts and skills into programs that are:
  • Effective
  • Comprehensive
  • Structured
We want you to live life with fewer symptoms. Our goal is to help you make profound changes quickly, so you can reach your goals and live your life.
Our treatment programs use a variety of methods to reduce symptoms.


The assessment provides a baseline for your symptoms and may include a clinical interview, neurodiagnostic questionnaire, and a qEEG Brain Map (quantitative electroencephalogram).


These sessions are structured, therapeutic, and educational. Learn insights and skills to optimize your brain and mindset to live a richer, more meaningful life.

healthy behaviors Checklist

The Healthy Behaviors Checklist is like a maintenance manual for your brain and mind. Learn how to take care of your brain and mind to increase flexibility and reduce symptoms.


Neurotherapy, which includes neurofeedback, helps the brain to adjust itself by training new brain wave patterns to increase flexibility and reduce symptoms.

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