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Is ADHD, depression, or anxiety standing in your way?
We can help you find relief.

Symptoms and limitations make life hard.
Mind States makes life easier.

One in five U.S. adults experience mental health symptoms. The challenging thoughts and emotions that come with those symptoms can feel overwhelming. Mind States offers comprehensive treatment programs that provide relief from frustrating symptoms, so you can live life the way you want to.


The ability to be organized, motivated and focused is key to success. Our treatment programs include neurotherapy which is an effective, drug free, and scientifically proven treatment for ADHD.

Anxiety & Depression

Dealing with the challenging thoughts and emotions that come with anxiety and depression can leave you feeling frustrated and defeated. Our treatment programs can help you find lasting, rapid relief.

Optimal Performance

To be your best, you need a brain that functions at its best. We can help you operate at your peak and achieve results at work, sports, school and more.

Female Patient

Treat symptoms at the source

As humans we depend on our brains to do so much for us. If our brain is stuck in a state of dysregulation, then so are we.

By working directly with the brain, we offer treatments that provide rapid, lasting relief.

Life is too short to be fighting at every turn

We understand how frustrating it can be when so much of your energy is spent just getting through the day - surviving and not thriving.

At Mind States, we have over ten years of experience helping hundreds of people find rapid, meaningful, and lasting relief from their symptoms and limitations by using a unique brain-based perspective and technology from the cutting-edge of neuroscience.


We offer a clear, step-by-step process that takes the guesswork out of treatment


Schedule a free


Allow us to create a customized plan


Let's execute that plan together

Imagine life with fewer symptoms

Mind States uses a variety of methods and tools such as psychotherapy, neurotherapy/neurofeedback, and qEEG brain mapping to help patients understand why they feel and behave the way they do from a brain-based perspective. Treatment focuses on regulating the brain to reduce symptoms and restore balance.

You have the power to live your life the way you want to.
Don't wait to take control.

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Mind States is located in Valparaiso, IN and serves the greater Northwest Indiana area.

Phone: 219-309-7113



409 E. Lincolnway, 2nd Floor

Valparaiso, IN 46383

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